Barcode Australia Education Solutions

Barcode Australia Education Solutions

Since 1993, Barcode Australia has been supplying and installing barcode equipment software and services to many of Australia's largest companies. We understand that Schools and educational facilities require cost-effective and timely identification solutions, and also need to keep track of constantly moving property including library books and resources, expensive AV equipment and computers.


How we can help

We have extensive experience in supplying schools with customised library, asset and address labels designed to meet the requirements of educational facilities from kindergartens to multi-campus universities. We also provide the Barcode Scanning equipment, which is used in Library borrowing and stock take. We will take the time to listen to your needs and advise on equipment selection, customisation and implementation.


Library Labels

Barcode Australia manufactures and prints a wide range of pre-printed labels including barcoded labels for school library systems.

All our school library labels are printed on a glossy white stock using a resin ribbon, thus ensuring maximum durability and readability of these labels without having the extra expense of applying a clear laminate over the label.


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Need help deciding what you need? Send us an email or call us on 1800 88 88 11.

Image of LS2208 USB Scanner

LS2208 USB Scanner


This 1D Scanner is perfect for library borrowing, with a scan range of 43 cm, a USB Interface, and 5 years warranty.

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Image of LI4278 1D USB Scanner

LI4278 1D USB Scanner


Scan library books and assets with this 1D scanner. With both Bluetooth and USB Connectivity, a 76.2cm scan range, a 5 year warranty, and IOS pairing... get your stocktake finished in no time!

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Image of DS2278 Bluetooth Cordless Scanner 2D

DS2278 Bluetooth Cordless Scanner 2D


The DS2278 features 2D scanning technology. You'll get Bluetooth connectivity, 5 years warranty, and the ability to scan off phone and ipad screens.

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